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Westbourne Lane Chef made home delivered meals, are all made with premium local ingredients and snap frozen to reduce wastage and lock in flavour. For delivery details click here

Family & Kids Ready Meals

Family & Kids Meals Delivered

As parents, we all want to provide our families with healthy and delicious meals, but sometimes our busy lives can make it difficult to find the time to cook. 

That’s where Westbourne Lane’s family meal delivery service can help with delicious, gourmet dishes made with premium ingredients that even the pickiest of eaters can get behind. 

We provide tasty meals that every family will love. 

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Children’s Meals Delivered that are Perfect for Adults & Kids

We understand that feeding kids can be a challenge - especially when you’re short on time. Westbourne Lane offers kids' meal delivery as part of our family meal delivery services, with delicious choices like Beef Penne Bake with Three Cheeses, Super Green Pasta Bake, Beef Penne Bake, Chicken Pie, and Butter Chicken.

Our family meals are designed to be kid-friendly with options that are sure to please picky eaters.

Healthy Family Meals Delivered to Your Doorstep

Sometimes it’s hard to reach an option that is good for your kids and your family when you’re time-poor. Instead of going for fast food, takeaway or frozen meals at the grocery, Westbourne Lane provides the option of freshly prepared meals that are snap-frozen to lock in the flavour of our delicious dishes without the preservatives.

Feed your Family with Family-Sized Meals

Every meal and meal bundle in our family meal collection is perfectly portioned for sharing. Find meals with serving sizes for 4-6 people. Choose one or more dishes, based on the size of your family to prepare for lunch or dinner.

If you are really looking for a feast for the senses that takes you across the world, try our Family Dinner & Chocolate Tiramisu Bundle. Where you get Soy glazed chicken, Lamb Shepherd’s Pie, Beef Penne Back and a clever way to make veggies tasty with kids in our Super Green Ricotta Bake. Plus, it has dessert!

Prepping for a dinner party between families and want to impress the adults? Order our 12-Hour Lamb Shoulder for a dish that will be the talk of the night. 

Order Now and Enjoy Delicious Family Meals

Ready to try our family food delivery service? It’s easy to order, here’s how.

Simply choose from our wide selection of family and kids meals. And we’ll take care of the rest, by cooking up and delivering your healthy and delicious meals right to your doorstep. 

You can choose between delivery or pick up if you’re a neighbour. Find out more in our FAQs.

With our family meal delivery service, you can enjoy quality time with your family without any of the stress of cooking. Order now and see why Westbourne Lane is the best choice for hungry families.

Contact us if you have any extra questions about our family meal delivery service.