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Pickup this Saturday in the Laneway & Delivery Menu

Westbourne Lane Chef made home delivered meals, are all made with premium local ingredients and snap frozen to reduce wastage and lock in flavour. For delivery details click here

Meal Bundles

Meal Bundle Delivery in Sydney

Get the full experience of great chef-made food at home with Westbourne Lane. 

Order meal bundle delivery to your home to get stand-out bundles to feed your family, a dinner party or to tuck into your freezer for exceptional meals later. 

Fully chef-designed, made and prepared by fine dining chef Gavin Carfax-Foster, everything in Westbourne Lane’s meal bundles for meal delivery is renownedly delicious. Take tonight off from cooking, and get a renowned chef to cook dinner for your table instead.


Westbourne Lane’s Bundle Favourites 

Feeling like a winter warmer? Tuck into Westbourne Lane’s famous Family Dinner Box Bundle

You’ll get a full feast with Chef Gavin’s Super Green Ricotta Bake, Soy Glazed Chicken with Charred Shallots, Carrots and Steamed rice, Beef Penne Pasta bake , Lamb Shepherd’s Pie, and Sri Lankan Fish Curry with Steamed Rice. Fit with multiple servings so that everyone at the table can sample and enjoy everything. 

Premium Meal Bundle Delivery

All our delicious ready-made meals are made with fresh local ingredients and prepared by a highly esteemed chef and his kitchen team. Before being snap frozen to reduce waste and seal in flavour, and delivered to your door. 

Convenient Options for Delivery and Pick Ups

The meticulous attention to detail doesn’t stop at our wide range of delicious meals.

It extends to our meal bundle delivery services as well as the flexibility we provide to local customers to pick up their food from our laneway or kitchen.

We deliver all across the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Learn more about Westbourne Lane’s options for delivery

Delicious Food Made with a Spirit of Community

Westbourne Lane was created by fine dining chef Gavin Carfax-Foster, in the midst of lockdowns in 2020, with a goal and passion to feed the community. People flocked to the garage, where the chef cooked up delectable and finely prepared dishes. 

Gavin’s goal is to provide delicious, high-quality food to the Sydney community, with a focus on fresh, locally sourced premium ingredients. Our menu features a range of meal bundles of pre-made meals, from comforting classics to mouth-watering modern dishes.

Need any more information about our meal bundles? Contact us to ask any burning questions.