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Our story

Not satisfied with sitting back & waiting to see what the turbulent waters of 2020 would bring and with a passion for cooking & sharing wholesome, fresh & seasonal food, this reignited my idea that I had when I first had children, to produce really good, simply cooked, clean & wholesome food using quality produce, that could be enjoyed at home.

This all came together by good friends and neighbour who said to me, how are you going to get through this if we go into a lockdown? You should offer to make food for our local community.

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It wasn’t until, we were having a “socially distanced” drink in the laneway, (the night before our first hard lock down) that we came up with the idea of setting up a pop up out of our garage door and selling food in the laneway. This is how Westbourne Lane came to life. It started with hand drawn flyers by my kids, home made cookies with each order, and a weekly menu of three prepared dishes, and within weeks a line down the laneway of cars and people to pick up their weekly meals

We ran the pop up in our laneway for almost 6 months in 2020, and once again for the lockdown in 2021. It’s the community support we had, and knowing that there is a need for prepared foods for people’s family and themselves that gave us the confidence to officially start our own family business in July 2022, Westbourne Lane. We are forever grateful for our family, dear friends & Westbourne Lane pop up community & hope that you come on this journey with us!