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Pumpkin Cous Cous, Chickpeas, Almond, Feta SINGLE (serves 1/ side for 2)



Serves: 1 as a meal, or 2 as a side dish. Frozen. No added Garlic

Description: this fragrantly spiced couscous is tossed with chickpeas, roast pumpkin, a little apricot and a green herb & citrus dressing, and then finished with roasted almonds and feta on top. Can be served warm or cold, and

Serving Instructions: defrost first in the fridge overnight. Partially open the plastic film on the top, and microwave for 2-3 minutes until hot. If frozen, microwave in 1–2minute bursts until hot, letting it sit a minute or two in between.

Ingredients: cous cous, chickpeas, pumpkin, apricot, almond, feta, spices, lemon, olive oil, vegetable oil, salt

Contains: dairy, nuts, wheat (gluten)

Weight: 350g